Gregg Steele

Hello My Name Is...
Mr. G. Steele

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"Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; 
involve me and I’ll understand
                                       Chinese proverb

     I am excited to be teaching in the GEMS program (Gifted Education in Marlboro Schools) at Bennettsville Intermediate School.  I have been teaching since 1986, and this is my 27th year with the BIS crew, formerly the BES crew.  I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education as well as School Administration.  I am also certified in Curriculum and Instruction in the state of North Carolina. Moreover, I have a Gifted and Talented endorsement as well as a Read 2 Succeed Requirement.  Currently, I am the Academic Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Marlboro County Schools. 

Classroom Expectations

*Respect everyone and everything around you
*Speak kindly
*Be helpful and responsible
*Take care of classroom and school property
*Do your best each and every day

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